So here is what my …

So here is what my delulu mind said when I’m about to watch Minhyuk’s VLive. 😂 all the dolls are BTOB’s. Not sure who owned the shinchan cookie monster brown… but Ted is Sungjae’s (?) So… the doll in Always In My Heart is like Sungjae’s (?) Well… yeah (?) Hahahaha okay this is only my delulu. Doesn’t mean it’s true that the doll is Sungjae’s. 😂😂😂😂 ok whatever bye😅🔫
BTOB_BLUE sungjoy Sungjae Joy RedVelvet BTOB BBYU WeGotMarried yooksungjae parksooyoung 육성재 육조이 육성재조이쀼 조이 박수영 재조이 성조이 성조이쀼 비투비성재 비투비 레드벨벳 내곁에서있어줘 NEWMEN GOBLIN RussianRoulette 도깨비 기도

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